Hello Friends!
From the early days I love to play with photoshop, I started with regular photos of amateur girls but this site is about other type of girls – the ones I love to make more beautiful using photoshop and I look for webcam models who are the best rated and popular ones, they are already hot and looking good in front of webcam but I love to take their photos and do some color correction and so on.

The best way to see the difference is to check any girl and compare her on live chat room and photos I provide and you can decide if I’m doing a good job or not.

A lot of quality cam sites offer live feeds and free chat with their models, that is where I come in and take her photo to my computer and do photoshop edits to makre her look even better!
My site is about females only as I like them a lot as all men do. I love my hobby and that is the reason I’m a designer during my day job and at late nights I pick models and put them to my screen to make them look much better and offer to you to check them out and do your own assumptions.


You should already know about live sex and what it’s all about but I will tell you in short, girls come online and looking to earn some cash by getting naked in front of cam so they can have some spare cash for shopping spree, however there are girls who are making a fortune doing live shows so it’s a huge thing folks.

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